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Festival 201521st CineRail


The official selection for the 21st Festival CineRail included 60 films, from 22 countries, competing in 3 categories: short fiction films, short documentary films, and coporate films.

In addition, 3 feature films were screened out-of-competition: Behavior (Conducta) (preview showing), Two Friends, and Bad Day at Black Rock (presented by Patrick Brion and Georges Di Lallo).

Beautiful films, surprising, disturbing, exotic, dreamy, funny, touching. Films that make you travel by train, by metro ... by dream.

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Fiction Films and Documentary Films Jury
  • Jean-Paul Farré

    Jean-Paul Farré

  • Françoise Bourdon

    Françoise Bourdon

  • Valérie Cordier

    Valérie Cordier

  • Olivier Gechter

    Olivier Gechter

  • Jean-Antoine Malot

    Jean-Antoine Malot

Corporate Jury
  • Chantal Clermont

    Chantal Clermont

  • Jozef Fazik

    Jozef Fazik

  • Philippe Noël

    Philippe Noël

  • Ofelia Deist Rolo

    Ofelia Deist Rolo

  • Sandro Canaan

    Sandro Canaan

  • Guy Shoval

    Guy Shoval


Grand Prix CineRail The Carriage (A Carruagem), by João Vasco
Georges Ragot Prize "Faire aimer le Train" En route, by Xu Zhang
Golden CineRail for Fiction Platform 13 (Perron 13), by Camiel Zwart
Golden CineRail for Documentary Fish of Lake Baikal, by Antonio Lukich
Special Jury Mention The Mechanical Waltz, by Julien Dykmans
EICAR Students Prize Have Sweet Dreams, by Ciprian Suhar
Audience Award Paris From the Ground, by Arnaud Kehon
Golden CineRail for Corporate Films Routes Into Rail: What I Have Always Wanted, by Robert Pendlebury, produced by Picturascope for RSSB
Special Jury Mention for Corporate Films 9 Lives, by Michel Kharoubi, produced by Hi Five for SNCF Logistics Direction du Fret
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